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Diane Von Furstenberg once said “Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there.”

At X Jewellery we see our range of women’s bracelets as the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful women who wear them.

A final embellishment to show the world just who you are.


Modelled on the anchor chain, our bracelets are designed for strong women who know what they want in life. Women who aren’t

afraid to experiment and take chances, both in fashion and life. Women who dare to be who they want to be. The women who

are our Everyday Heroes.

The range

We’ve celebrated your bright New Beginnings. We’ve watched you with your Eye on the Prize. We’ve stood beside you as life has

changed in a Flash of Light and watched you come back out the other side.  It’s why our women’s bracelets are as diverse as the

incredible stories you tell. Mixing Rubber X, silver and bronze, there’s a bracelet to match every style and personality.

Think lashings of colour for the bold, the timeless elegance of bronze for the classics and galvanised silver for an edgy look.

No matter who you are, there’s a bracelet to tell your story – your milestones – your challenges – your achievements.

All the things that make you you.

Growing up X

While fashions cycle and change every year, the anchor bracelet has remained steadfast and loyal. But we wouldn’t be X Jewellery

if we were anchored completely in the past. Our ready to wear women’s bracelets are made with the patented X openings in our links –

so your bracelet can evolve with you and your life.


Because we pride ourselves on creating strong bracelets for strong women, you can be assured that your X Jewellery women’s bracelet

will stand the test of time. Our fashionable and high quality pieces are designed to last. Simply follow the simple care instructions here.

Order yours

If you’ve never bought jewellery online, be prepared to be surprised. Once you’ve chosen your favourite women’s bracelet from the range below,

we’ll do the rest; great service, beautiful packaging, fast delivery and 30 day return policy. So, whether you’re after something

sophisticated or fun to jazz up your outfit, you’ll find just the right piece of jewellery online at X Jewellery.