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Designer Thor

Thor Høy

Thor is a multifaceted designer working in the cross section of jewellery, furniture, lighting and industrial design. Originally trained as a carpenter and later graduated from Copenhagen School of Technology and Design, he went on to work as in-house designer, for some of Denmark's most renowned design brands.
He now runs his own studio in Copenhagen, designing beautiful objects for both Danish and international brands.

“To me, X is a perfect design challenge. You have so many constraints with the X, which just sharpens my focus and makes me want to really crack the nut and deliver a stunning piece - again.”- Thor Høy

Designer Kim

Kim Buck

Kim studied at the Danish College of Jewellery and Silversmithing and was a Professor in the Jewellery Department at the School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg.

"The person who chooses the X Jewellery collection has the freedom to make anything they want. It’s up to them how they want to express themselves and that’s wonderful. It’s a very individual collection. It pleases me greatly to think that the pieces I have made will have a very personal significance for the people who wear them." - Kim Buck

Designer Mette

Mette Saabye

Mette is a trained goldsmith having studied jewellery design in Florence, at the Fuji Studio and at the institute of Precious Metals in Copenhagen.

"The fact that you don’t depend on a bracelet and are free to combine x links creates all sorts of possibilities. I’ve never seen anything quite like them before so I think people will find them totally surprising and unique." - Mette Saabye

Designer Tomas

Tomas Cenius

Tomas is a self-taught designer who has created jewellery for Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. For Tomas, the beauty of the X Jewellery collection is the way it can be customised. The way the pieces have a personality, creativity and style of their own and can be worn either as standalone items or alongside others.

"My goal is to make bold, stylish jewellery that touches people. I give the same attention to every piece, whether it is for the royal couple or the lady next door." - Tomas Cenius

Designer Lone

Lone Løvschal

Lone has worked within many different areas of design, including textiles, china and cutlery, and won multiple awards for her work. Based in her workshop in downtown Copenhagen, Lone found inspiration for the X Jewellery collection from watching the busy city life that surrounds her. The way people behave and interact with each other translated into the designs.

"I want the wearer of the X links to feel like the person they have always wanted to be." - Lone Løvschal

Designer Kåre Nicolas

Kåre Frandsen & Nicolas Aagaard

This design team have been working together for several years. Kåre’s background is in furniture design, having studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Nicolas spent years studying and designing jewellery making and is part of the third generation of artists.

"We set out to create X links that were different; with style, character, and diversity so that people can get their own emotional meaning from each one." - Kåre Frandsen & Nicolas Aagaard

Designer Jytte

Jytte Kløve

Goldsmith Jytte Kløve graduated in 1975 from Denmark’s Design Academy and has since had her own studio in Lyngby, Denmark. Her work area range from jewellery and corpus design, product design, events and lectures.

"In my work, I wish to pass on experiences, moments and thoughts to tell the story that's on my mind. My ambition is for the jewellery to be wearable and I see a big challenge in making sure that it is functional, flexible and changeable." - Jytte Kløve

Designer Soren

Søren Nielsen

Søren is a silversmith and designer of jewellery. For over thirty years, he has been designing and working in traditional wax moulds to create his silver pieces by hand.

"In a way, the raw elegance of the x link lies in its core design. It’s beautiful, even when nothing has been done to it. I think that perhaps the best way to design for the X Jewellery collection is to just add a little bit to the concept." - Søren Nielsen

Designer Lise

Lise Aagaard

Coming from a family of jewellers, Lise has had the lifelong privilege of being immersed in a constant learning environment of art, form, and material. The breadth and diversity of X links in the range means that people will be able to create their own meanings and statements, building something that reflects their own personality and individual tastes.

"I like to think that people will carry our bracelets with them, creating and building something unique, as their lives move forward." - Lise Aagaard

Designer Kristian

Kristian Krysfeldt

Kristian qualified as a jewellery maker under the tuition of renowned designer Tomas Tex Cenius. In 2009, he opened his own workshop in Copenhagen. He describes himself as an “adventurous explorer of forms”.

"A piece of art or a painting emanates something; it has energy and an atmosphere that inhabits the viewer. In much the same way, the X links in the X Jewellery collection have a strong atmosphere that people will be drawn to." - Kristian Krysfeldt

Designer Lars

Lars Søgaard

Lars is a self-trained goldsmith. He first started designing jewellery during his travels to South America. Fascinated by the craft, he later went on to qualify at the Goldsmith School of Copenhagen.

"Body language is universally understood. It speaks volumes. Through the small details, I hope people will form a connection between themselves and the characters. I want people to get something from them." - Lars Søgaard