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When we design bracelets to celebrate strong women, it’s only logical that we choose the strongest material for our bracelet links. And, it’s essential that there’s something for everyone; sterling silver for the classic anchor bracelet, bronze for those who like to shine and Rubber X links to inject colour. Alternatively, you could combine all three materials for a link bracelet design that’s as unique as your DNA.

Our links and locks are created by Danish designers, with the majority produced in northern Europe, meaning you can be assured of the highest quality, at a price that suits you. Our silver links consist of 925 sterling silver, our bronze is the finest alloy and our Rubber X, well, that’s a secret kept untold! Whichever material you choose, your bracelet will withstand serious wear, especially if you follow the below care tips.


Heeding the advice of silversmiths the world over, at X Jewellery we only ever use 925 sterling silver in our silver links and locks. While purity is desirable, pure silver is simply too soft to use alone - the best way to use this precious metal is as an alloy with 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper (or similar) to harden the silver.

To achieve the perfect contrast and to make their details stand out more, some of our sterling silver links and locks have been tarnished through the oxidation process. This is entirely deliberate and should be borne in mind when cleaning.

Clean your silver links and locks
To keep your 925 sterling silver shining, simply buff your links with a polishing cloth to restore their sheen. Chemicals, chlorine and bleach should all be avoided.


Warm, durable and timeless, bronze is bigger and brighter than any third prize. Indeed, it has always been first choice among ship owners because of its longevity and resistance to saltwater.
Being an alloy of copper and tin, bronze is flexible and lends itself to an array of link designs. Despite its status as a semi-precious metal, bronze is surprisingly affordable, so you can keep on adding to your X Jewellery collection.
Personally, we love bronze in our bracelets because it never goes out of style and will dazzle alongside your silver and Rubber X bracelet links. It also complements any gold jewellery you might wear, adding diversity to your X Jewellery creation.

Clean your bronze links and locks
To care for your bronze bracelet links, you should regularly clean with a soft polishing cloth, but never with chemicals, chlorine or bleach. It bears remembering that the addition of copper makes bronze susceptible to oxidation. You can either clean regularly to avoid this, or leave it for a personal touch.


The soft rubbery feel of the Rubber X alongside 925 silver and bronze is contrast at its most inspired. And with Rubber X being so affordable, it’s an easy way to experiment with the X Jewellery range and create a bracelet that reflects you.

Clean your Rubber X links and locks
If your Rubber X becomes dirty, it can easily be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. Harsh chemicals, chlorine and bleach will cause your Rubber X colours to fade and peel, so please avoid them.