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4 destinations – 4 budgets

Are you also torn about where to go on vacation next?
We sure are - but do not worry it is not too late to start planning your next getaway.

Depending on what you want to do: Explore Europe as back packer, travel to exotic places in Asia or just take a trip into your own backyard – the possibilities are endless. So. The only thing holding us back is the wallet. Here we give you 4 travel destinations on 4 budgets.




The ultimate luxury travel destination go to the Maldives. White sandy beaches. Total relaxation in the most beautiful and serene environment.

The only thing you will have to think about during a week in the Maldives is, ‘Should I go for a swim before or after lunch or just enjoy the beautiful view?'

This kind of experience of course comes with a price - so if you want to live on water and walk straight into the turquoise sea for a week, you need to put down around $2.500 per person in the month of August.



You can find beautiful and cheap destinations just around the corner. Within Eastern Europe, there are a few hidden gems where you can stay in five star accommodations for less. For example a Slovenian 5 star hotel from $135.
Living in the United States, you too have many great adventures ahead. You can easily travel three or five different states by car for a limited budget and a guarantee of an interesting vacation and experiences in terms of climate, food and people.

So. If you want to explore and learn more about your neighbouring countries or states, this is the perfect way to travel on a medium budget.



If you like authentic experiences - the backpacker life may be the best way to go, when planning your next holiday!

After buying a more expensive flight ticket to somewhere exotic like Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines or Bali - the rest is pretty cheap. Starting with the flight ticket at around $600 in August, the rest are pennies. Backpacking in this part of the world not only provides cheap accommodations, food and trips it also gives you the possibility to challenge yourself living in a backpack for 30 days.



Road trip makes you think of ultimate freedom. With the most limited budget you can still get a cool and exciting vacation just by tripping you own backyard in your own country.

Plan a camping trip with friends or family and explore new corners of your home. You will surely find some gems you've never thought of before!

Try getting many different spots into your plan by starting in a big city, then the exotic suburbs, ending up in the countryside exploring all aspects of your backyard.