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Our craftsmanship

Being blessed with talented designers and goldsmiths is essential for keeping our promise of always providing quality jewellery and Scandinavian design.

Creating a new metal link for our collection is a long process, from the first thoughts of design and look-and-feel to the final result.

We want to share some Behind-the-scenes insights of the process and therefore, we here give you a short walkthrough of some of the steps, when creating a new X Jewellery link!


It all starts with an idea. We search for inspiration and trends in anything from fashion to nature. Look through our current collection. Brainstorm for hours - and then we come up with the initial ideas of which pieces to add to the collection.

After briefing our chosen designers - we wait until they get back with the first sketch or 3D drawing. We provide feedback on the design and after the process of tweaking back and forth - we end up with the final design and model of the new piece.



After receiving a prototype of the new link design from the designer, our goldsmiths create a wax model link using the 'cire perdu' or 'lost wax' method.

From there they mold a plaster model of the link prototypes and fill it with silver. This is the Master Link (prototype in silver) – from where the whole production starts.
The Master Link needs to be perfect for production – therefore our goldsmiths renovate and polish the link, resulting in a perfect example of how the link should end up in production.


Our jewellery is made of the highest quality materials including sterling silver, bronze and Rubber X. After molding the perfect master, we can get the metal links produced in larger scale.

Our links are primarily produced in Northern Europe. It is essential for us to find business partners who have the best product knowledge, craftsmanship tradition and understanding for the materials being used.