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Manicure Magic

Are you in need of some nail art inspiration? Get ready for manicure magic! Today we bring you a selection of our nail art faves and, of course, bracelet styles to match.
If you’re looking to create the perfect nail art, bear in mind that it will take time - don’t be starting on a crazy ombre colour if you are 5 minutes from an appointment. So, with that settled, let’s get painting.

1. Start with a base:
We personally use a nail hardener and basecoat to start off right. This will not only make your nail thicker and stronger, but also make your hard work last longer.

2. Choose a pattern and colour:
When choosing your new nail art, there’s nothing like setting up different colour schemes. Stuck for inspiration? Check out Pinterest for the latest in minimalistic stripes, glamorous matte or classic French stylings.

3. Get to it:
Take your time. Let it dry. Re-apply. And voila! We personally love to add some glitter-polish after settling on the base colour for a feminine and festive result.

Now it’s your turn!