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You're our heroes

Inspiration comes from all around and sometimes a small conversation can be the start of something brilliant. We strongly feel that you carry inspiring and empowering stories. Stories of passion and vision.

Here we give you our story and deepest passion!


We offer a classic and timeless design. Inspired by the iconic anchor chain, we want to balance functionality and art – never compromising craftsmanship and the Scandinavian touch.

Why we are called X Jewellery? Well the opening in each link makes it possible to assemble your personal bracelet and more than that, it forms an X.


That is why we want to provide unique pieces of jewellery celebrating strong women and their individuality. Women who do not follow the path most chosen, but show the courage to take on the world with whatever they choose to do.

Everything is made by you. Your life. Your choices.

Our jewellery is a creative way for you to express your individuality and personal story.
We want to give you the power to choose your own design by a wide range of links and inspirational combinations.

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So what can we do? We want to support the women who dare to make a difference. We find inspiration in your stories - you're our ‘every day heroes’.

We want to share the stories and dreams of strong women of the world and hopefully inspire others to achieve their goals.

That’s why we from 2017 onwards, donate 10% of our profits to a foundation that supports women in fulfilling their dreams.