The Ariel

Focused, ambitious and crazy successful is the energy that surrounds this bracelet as entrepreneur Ariel Xue created it.
The all silver bracelet is beautiful example of a clean and sophisticated bracelet where Ariel chose three links to represent her:
“I chose the Now link - I believe the best time to chase after your dreams and do what you are passionate about is NOW! So start taking action! Lucky link – I consider myself a really lucky person who is surrounded by many supportive and inspirational people. Diamond single silver link – as I believe, no pressure no diamond!“

This silver bracelet styling is made using our unique bracelet links with X shaped opening, which makes it possible to create and design your own customized bracelet.

  • Item No.: XAGBO-00367
  • Weight: 30.00 g
  • Main Material: Silver 925
Designer: X Jewellery Design Group