Born to a family of entrepreneurs, it was only a matter of time before Anne-Floor traded life as a newspaper and magazine employee for life as her own boss. Building her own business and taking care of every aspect from product to finding business partners challenged her journey towards becoming an entrepreneur. But that didn’t stop her. Anne-Floor works to bring people together and celebrate the milestones that matter through Moments of Light – a range of candles inscribed with inspirational poems that flicker with positivity.

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Focus Bracelet

Drawing on her poetic leanings, Anne-Floor has chosen a bracelet that she says reminds her to have Courage, to Focus and to care for the people around her. With love being an overwhelming theme in Anne’s life, she’s not just added the Lots of Love link but chosen the silver Heart Within as her closing lock.

Not to be mistaken for a completely soft touch, Anne-Floor added some Rubber X links to “give the bracelet something tough and not so girly… the Rubber X gives a really cool edge and stands out against the silver.”





At a time when our world feels increasingly fractured, it’s refreshing to know there are people out there whose focus is to deliver love and light. Anne-Floor Sinnige is one such person.

Growing up in a warm and harmonious family of entrepreneurs, compassion and ambition have never been far from Anne-Floor’s attentions. It’s one of the reasons she struggled early in her career:


“For the newspaper it was all about the sales; my boss didn’t care about the content. I couldn’t do that anymore, it made me resentful to work that way. I thought to myself that when I have my own company I’m going to do it the way I want, with a good product, good ingredients and good measures that I can stand behind.”


When Anne-Floor took a new job with a magazine she was fortunate to work for a woman who championed happiness and humanity. The magazine was centred on the way we can all live and work together successfully, a stark contrast from the culture of individualism that triggered the 2008 financial crisis.

These lessons stuck with Anne-Floor, who has learnt that “what fulfils me the most is having good relationships with the people around me and sharing beautiful moments, because I think when you die you look back on how beautiful your life was and that’s always about interactions with people.” With that in mind, Anne founded Moments of Light to bring those special moments to other people.

The business currently sells a range of luxury scented candles complete with poems “about taking a moment of silence or courage, about being there for somebody, about sharing love.” In time, Anne-Floor hopes to expand the product line to include a bath and body collection, and won’t shy away from dreams of global expansion. However, it would be misleading to suggest Moments of Light has been an overnight success story. Anne-Floor is open about the fact that there were early struggles.


“I wasn’t even an entrepreneur; I had no experience in retail, no experience with product design. I had no relevant experience at all, actually. So I had to overcome all these struggles, and it hit me hard. The first time I launched a collection the candles were too late, they were not according to my wishes as they arrived pink and bubbly rather than white and smooth, so I had to say no to my clients because I couldn’t deliver on time. I had to fix that so the first lesson was really a hard lesson. Thankfully it was only with 4 clients (I now have over 70) so it was manageable but it was a really tough first lesson.”


Off the back of this experience, it’s no surprise that Anne-Floor’s favourite candle comes with the bold title ‘Moments of Fuck It.’ Equal parts cheeky and inspiration, the candle aptly captures Anne-Floor’s character; a blend of love, strength and the courage to try something new. And it’s all three that will keep Anne-Floor going, whatever challenges are thrown at her:

“There’s always the ambition to bring people closer together by sharing beautiful moments, or moments that matter. That’s always the thing that keeps me going. And my ambition to become my own boss and an entrepreneur is so strong it’s something I always wanted, ever since I was a young girl that it never occurs to me to stop.”

She may have relinquished the comforts that come with certainty, a fixed income, a pension and nice colleagues, but Anne-Floor is exactly where she wants to be right now, and she’s filled with gratitude.