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How to build it

Lock it down

Begin by selecting a lock for your new bracelet. Choose between bronze and silver and then select the style that suits you.

The missing link

Now you can get really creative and start adding the links you love. You need anywhere from 15 to 20 links for a full bracelet, depending on your wrist size (you can see our sizing guide for guidance). Choose from silver, bronze or our Rubber X links, which come in a rainbow of colours.

The centerpiece

Make a statement with your bracelet and add one or more of our designer links. Each link is imbued with meaning, all you have to do is choose the ones that best represent you.

Made by you

Say hello to your customised bracelet, made by and completely unique to you: wear your journey.

What our customers say


I’ve been a fan of X Jewellery since they first debuted. Love their products and love their service. I always feel special when opening their packaging. Will continue to buy and wearing their products because it’s so unique and customizable!

Phoenix, AZ

What a great company, seriously! Shipping is fast, everything is packaged beautifully and the products are incredible. Very high quality and so much fun! I've only just discovered X Jewellery and I'm on my 4th order

Québec, QC

I love X Jewellery mostly because it is so versatile and different! I have been buying it for several years and love the different things you can up with. Quality is also great!

Tampa, FL

I am new to X Jewellery and an instant fan! These pieces offer great colors, options and a uniqueness for individual style! I love the sales they allow me to add a few extra pieces to create a new look. Delivery was fast and customer service is top notch....an all around GREAT company!!


Amazing jewellery. I can’t recommend enough. I have just bought my fourth bracelet. The quality is fantastic, and delivery was soooo fast. The colours are so vibrant and I have had so many compliments from people every time I wear them. They are unusual and being able to interchange the colours is such a brilliant idea. Buy at least one now!

London, UK

X Jewellery is the perfect everyday jewelry. I can quickly and simply customize my bracelets to match my mood or clothing, and the bracelets are comfortable to wear while working at my desk. The customer service cannot be better, with boxes packed with care, and they always arrive much more quickly than I expect.

Raleigh, NC

I just received 3 bracelets and a bunch of different colored links. The bracelets are beautiful. I can’t wait to play around with the extra links I bought and see what I can do with these myself, customizing a bracelet. It’s going to be so much fun. I will definitely be back to buy more colored links and some sterling silver ones also.

Cincinnati, OH