Our concept

Forget dull, boring and conformist. Say goodbye to monotonous decoration. X Jewellery is a range of composable bracelets for women who march to the beat of their own drumbeat.

Unlike many of the modular link bracelets on the market, the X Jewellery range is founded on the classic anchor chain – a symbol of strength - chosen to reflect bold women who see fashion as a form of expression.

Like a self-portrait for your wrist, each composable bracelet is comprised of a set of links chosen by you to tell your unique story.

With an X shaped opening, the bracelet links can easily be changed to suit any mood or occasion. Looking to conquer the urban jungle? Work it in khaki. Got an interview to ace? Adorn your link bracelet with our power charms and rock on with an eye on the prize. Whatever the event, or emotion, use your composable bracelet to compose your life.

Start by creating your base with basic links in sterling silver, bronze and Rubber X. Then, once you’ve chosen a lock in silver or bronze, you can get to work personalising your bracelet with your favourite links. With our designs straddling everything from sharp and shiny to soft and matte, each X Jewellery bracelet is a statement piece.
For those who are looking for a solid base from which to work from, or a gift to celebrate a strong friend, our designers have also created a range of inspirational ready-to-wear bracelets.


Available in sterling silver, bronze and Rubber X, our high quality links embody everything you’ve come to expect of Danish design and craftsmanship. Timeless, iconic and daring, X Jewellery’s range of link bracelets manage to strike that rare balance between artful and functional. Our intricate designs may look delicate, however, they’re anything but, with our bronze and silver links capable of withstanding decades of wear.

With our composable bracelet collections straddling everything from basic links to artful zodiacs, our bracelet links are the perfect ingredient to bring a personalised edge to any outfit.