X Foundation

Comitted to women

X Jewellery are sealing their commitment to empowering women with the launch of the X Foundation.

As a Danish start-up led, X Jewellery recognises how important it is for women to support and inspire one another on the path to individual success, whatever that may be.

X Jewellery launched in 2013 as a range of interchangeable modular bracelets designed to tell your story. Bearing the tagline ‘Made by You’, the X Jewellery team invite women to celebrate their milestones and passions in a stylish fashion that screams independence.

Our team describes the bracelets as “a way to reflect the strength and resolution of women who choose to march to their own drumbeat.



The Foundation is set up to support women with an ambition, project or dream centred on doing something both for herself and for others; a project that reaches beyond her own immediate needs. Whether that recipient has created a charity for disabled children, is an astronaut wanting to explore space for scientific reasons, or someone who has established a juice bar to improve the health of their local community… it doesn’t matter how big or small the dream, just that they are a woman with a vision that benefits somebody else.”.